Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This song is for silence

A delicate explosion erupts in the heart
You blink in morse code,
communication dissolves in the snow
Telepathic silence
Untold but known,
You weave dreamcatchers inside of halos,
a web to catch levitating souls.
Your tear drops like liquid eggs
hatch unborn sorrows
Your eyes of shattered glass glow
Opened and exposed
Intoxicate my bones
Caress and dress my soul
with melted gold
You cannot remember how to forget,
My delicate,
Close your eyes,
tell me,
how many heavens have you died inside?
How many lifetimes spent waiting for yesterday to arrive?
When shadows collide,
like souls they bind,
in darkness and in light.
With one single fingerprint
staining the heart,
her art
I'm locked


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