Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A bath of emotions; am I coming undone ie. too much inside to choose from

I'm going to make this nicely worded and like an essay so I'm going to upload this and then in the near future add pictures that are relevant and when my vocabulary becomes clearer and I don't have to be awake in four hours, I will complete my piece. LOL at my life.

The last few days/weeks I have been through an immense battle of emotions within my human bean, and I have not directly addressed any of them and unfortunately they linger due to the fact that they have not been addressed as of yet. This needs to happen or I will probably pass out due to heart failure simply in lieu of my feelings. Henceforth, my tackle of the aorta.







Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh crep

My arch nemesis (lol) is attending a beach day that I am going to and I was unaware how much will I hate myself and how much will my hate grow for humanity in about 2 hours time I am excited hahah not really I feel very ill hnnngg want to perish

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

going to bed

tired upset alone the ultimate combination why do I have to be conscious tomorrow why

Interesting h

Once I have departed from the lives of my old friends they have started taking drugs lol awesome guys that's awesome I actually hate everyone and want to slip into oblivion and perish within starlight embodied by universal voids that isn't feasible at all is it. I just really need to go for a hike, think I may go this Friday and bail on catching up with high school/post high school 'friends' yeah stuff dat you'll be supportive of my decisions supportive my arse have nice lives yah bunch of sods I just really want some maccas fries I think yeah new years