Monday, October 22, 2012

The Night Dances

A smile fell in the grass.

And how will your night dances
Lose themselves. In mathematics?

Such pure leaps and spirals ----
Surely they travel

The world forever, I shall not entirely
Sit emptied of beauties, the gift

Of your small breath, the drenched grass
Smell of your sleeps, lilies, lilies.

Their flesh bears no relation.
Cold folds of ego, the calla,

And the tiger, embellishing itself ----
Spots, and a spread of hot petals.

The comets
Have such a space to cross,

Such coldness, forgetfulness.
So your gestures flake off ----

Warm and human, then their pink light
Bleeding and peeling

Through the black amnesias of heaven.
Why am I given

These lamps, these planets
Falling like blessings, like flakes

Six sided, white
On my eyes, my lips, my hair

Touching and melting.

Sylvia Plath

She is actually SO good.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

So this is what I have done

I'll show you more when I look a little nicer

Should I cut my fringe again? I don't know, maybe summer super short fringe isn't a really great idea...

If I could stand to be less difficult

American Flag-Cat Power

There's a lot changing in my life at the moment. I feel like the circle of friends that I thought would last for a very long time has already started to disintegrate, but that's ok with me. I feel like they are moving/trying to move into a circle that is incredibly worldly and so very self obsessed, and I don't want to think about myself all the time, so estranging myself from them for a few weeks has been really healthy. I now officially have one friend who I don't have to be guarded with at all.

He is really great and he makes me feel electric.

This Cat Power album was his doing and it's really great, Mick Turner and Jim White from The Dirty Three play guitar and drums respectively on it and it's just so beautiful.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh, Joni

A Case of You-Joni Mitchell

Oh Joni oh Joni, you know all things and I want to listen to you and cry all day because you are so perfect. This has been a terrible age for me, but I have had a dynamite boy assure me that it is kind of normal and it will least by the time I am thirty.

Dynamite boy, I hope you know how stellar you are.