Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm tired of fighting, fighting for a lost cause

Seriously, Beck AND The Flaming Lips, so amazing. So much brilliance.
Also a good song from a really beautiful album, Sea Change.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Faris Badwan

Scream at the end.

He's just such a turnip. That interview, "so stubbly" ahaaa
Josh is so beautiful and fantastic as well. He'll have an appreciation post soon as well.

Faris is really super inspiring to me, his lyrics are incredible and his stage presence is just amazing. Crazy crazy stuff earlier when they were touring Strange House, he was an absolute nutter, it was brilliant.

Doomed to embarrassment forever methinks...

Okay, so this is the dream that I had last night. Joe Spurgeon and Rhys Webb were both in my house. There was an assortment of people there also, I remember Hobbes and Angie there and definitely my sister Roeroe, but I can't remember who else.
I was on the phone talking to someone about something, a novelty event for being on the phone, who'da thunk it? Anyway, Joe walked past me a couple of times and I smiled at him. Eventually he began to smile back at me. Rhys was leaning on the piano like the mega babe that he is.
Something I distinctly remember was that I was in the strangest position to be talking on the phone in. One leg was up on a chair I think and the arm that wasn't holding the phone was reaching back over my shoulder so as to reveal my excellent armpit arch.
At some point in the night, Sophie put a white moisturising cream just beneath my eyes because I was looking so tired from staying up so late doing her business report with her. After this, I built up the courage to talk to Rhys and to thank him for his brilliant because I'm a motherlicking creep. So we just talked for a bit and then it was Hobbes, Angie and I in the bathroom (not the toilet bathroom, just the bathroom that has a bath, sink and shower) and we were shortly after joined by Roeroe. I looked in the mirror and noticed the moisturising cream completely noticeable under my eyes.
For some reason, I couldn't remember if Roeroe had applied this stuff before or after my conversation with Rhys. She shot me a sympathetic look and told me that I had it on while I spoke with Rhys. I was a little bit devastated, so Hobbes and Angie were consoling me in the bathroom, as I was now assured that every meeting and encounter I had with Rhys Webb would entail an immense amount of embarrassment. That's all I remember.


Kicking Kay-The Horrors

This song is so excellent for when I just want to spend all my money on crappy things like clothes and boots that don't even fit me because my feet are just too big too exist in nice babin' boots...and then I listen to this song..and I just want to buy a good set of drums.

Today's adventures and the song of the day!

So I actually started back at university today...but it was just wind band, which is compulsory for my course (I'm studying classical flute, hahahah, yeup) so I didn't have any classes. It was actually okay, the girls who I was in band with last year have gone, which is great, because I felt really intimidated by them, so I actually kind of enjoy wind band now. I didn't think that could happen, but alas, it has. For one week anyway.

So I went to the post office before hopping on a bus to venture into the city, as I have put together little package of cd's for my dear cousin, Nick, with stuff that I haven't been able to stop listening to like The Horrors, The Sonics, The Cramps, The Jesus and Mary Chain etc. etc. Anyway, after giving her the package to weigh, this conversation followed, she's going to be POW (post office woman, not prisoner of war):
POW: Are you Mexican?
Me: No, I'm actually half Greek.
POW: Yeeeah you do have a Greek nose...don't worry, it's good

I told her I didn't think so, at which point she saw the bag of cookies (chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos to be precise) that I was holding that my dear friend gave me. I offered the POW a cookie. She didn't want it.

It was really hilarious.

Anyway, so I went to the record store today in the city for the first time in like, months. And I got a record by The Rationals called 'Out on the Floor'. Yeahyeah Hobbes, it's a collection of songs rather than an album, but I wanted to get it okaaaay! The first track is so kickin', so here it is folks, the song of the day! Also, enjoy the rest of the coming week, I feel like this semester is not going to be as traumatic as I had originally thought..excellent!

Leavin' Here-The Rationals

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Song of the day

The Green Door-Jim Lowe

I got this baby on 7" yesterday at a record fair. I'll list some stuff I got actually, I'm really excited about them! Hobbesey scored some incredible stuff as well, I can't wait to sit down and hear it all.

University starts back this week, it's monday today and I start back on, this should be interesting. I might die, but that's okay, I can just go record hunting after my class to make me feel a 'lil better. Perks of going to uni in the city, despite the stupid amount of travel time.



Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's 5 o' clock in the morning and I'm awake, have a song for the day

I Am Waiting-The Rolling Stones

This song was in Rushmore, the Wes Anderson film I just finished watching. It was good. For those who haven't seen it yet, check out Fantastic Mr. Fox, it is actually fantastic. Seriously. And always really brilliant soundtracks!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Song of the day/my life

She's Leaving Home-The Beatles


May and June are going to be such glorious months. Hobbes and I will both turn nineteen within about two and a half weeks of each other and we have just devised a plan...we hope to go to Melbournia for a couple of weeks and just explore everything that is going on down there. Really exciting stuff everyone. The other two times that I have been to Melbourne, well, the second time I went, it was with a group of people who don't really understand me that well, so you know, we did things like...go to Costco to purchase a pizza. ??? Seriously? YOU CAN DO THIS IN SYDNEY. At least go to like, Lygon street and get a pizza with five different cheeses on it. Count it, five. Hehehe. Anyway, this will be a most excellent adventure as Hobbes is amazing. AMAAYZHEN.

Also, on May 25, Wes Anderson releases his new film 'Moonrise Kingdom', which I am actually really excited about. Here, have a trailer for Wes Anderson's newly coming film Moonrise Kingdom. So. Excited.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Song o' the day!

I know it's crazy but I can't stop-The Honeycombs

Also, I made my family disappear. House to myself. CUSSYEAH.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cussing song of the cussing day yah clustercuss

I JUST LOVE THIS SONG. Hanging out to get Inner Mystique soon. Gonna be amay-zehn. Believe it.


This is brilliant.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Song of the day

Can't Seem to Make You Mine-The Seeds

Hobbes, has got The Seeds on record and it is just so fantastic. I just adore this song, it's brilliant. I've been listening to 60's psych all day as I cleaned the room I share with my sister. It is exquisite. My room. And this song. In my room.

What a day.

Today was pretty marvellous. Pretty freaking marvellous.

Just, everything about it. I even got up early and the day was still marvellous. I had put my hair in rollers last night and I took them out...and it was interesting. Really fun looking actually. I have yet to perfect the technique. But hopefully it will come. Also, in time, with longer hair it should be slightly easier.

Hobbes and Connor day today. It went splendidly. Maybe in the future you will understand and you will agree. Winkidywinkface.

So excited.

Song of the day

Crawdaddy Simone-The Syndicats

This is such a freaking excellent song. Thank you Rhys Webb for getting us onto this stuff.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Oh So Soon- The Sapphires

My little sister actually introduced me to this song! WHAT?! That never happens. I bought a Shangri-Las record today from the kind folk at zee record store.

So excited.


I think I am going to purchase this baby.

It's quite cheap and comes with...A PAISTE HI HAT and also a stool that's worth like $200 apparently! As if my butt cares what's under it when I have this beautiful thing in front of me.

The drum kit I am using at the moment is just hilarious. It has a big fat "DRUM FACTORY" branding on the front. Nobody will take us seriously if I am using that drum kit, hah. But seriously.

The Eagle and the Bat

There is a cave in the state of Texas where bats will gather at a particular time of year for the specific purpose of breeding. They swim through the air, immersed in it, like particles of peppercorn being stirred around in a glass of water.
At this point, there were about 40,000 bats travelling towards, living in and going home from this cave. These are some of the fastest and most agile creatures of the air. There is another that is certainly involved in that group of creatures, in fact, they hunt them. The bald-headed eagle.
The eagles, hungry for this swarming plethora of prey, seemingly gathered at the cave just for them, seemingly easy to catch and feast on.
There was one young eagle in particular who threw himself into the mass of hovering leather, fur and claws, with arrogance and a sense of pride and a strong self-assurance of his skill. It's unknown how long the eagle stayed in the air, flying around with his food outside his stomach rather than in it. His incredible eye would zoom and focus like the lens of a camera, waiting for the pinpoint to grasp onto one of the bats and continue to follow in any which way it chose to go. The young bird would chase it, and as he slowed down for a fraction of a second, widening his wings to interfere with the speed he had initially been travelling, talons at the ready, the target would scream by, inches away from becoming pieces of its own puzzle.
The bird was both frustrated and disappointed. So, in reflection he perched on a branch, and stared out into the sky that was now catching on fire as the sun set. Pondering on the things he could do better, which skills could be improved and what training methods would need to be implemented to achieve them, he heard something land on the branch next to him. Rather than actually turning his head to examine the new arrival, from the corner of his golden eye, he saw a small bat. The bat looked at the eagle front on and he raised one side of his mouth into what appeared to be a smile. The eagle nodded his head out of acknowledgement, unsure of what to do.
"Young one, perhaps it's not in your nature to hunt meat. Maybe you have a sensitive stomach", the bat suggested to the eagle. "Maybe that is why your skill cannot fully develop. Your digestive organs are clearly pulling you back from being able to catch your prey".
The eagle, flabbergasted, turned to look the bat straight in the eyes, unwavering. His angry stare crumbled under the influx of emotion. He thought of how cast out he would be if all of his eagle family and all of his predator friends found out that he was a vegetarian. So he began to cry. Tears were rolling down the cheeks of of this devastated hunter. His thoughts drifted to how easy it would be-a diet including no meat. Not having to waste any energy trying to catch his food! There would be a chase no longer! There is clearly an endless amount of greenery available for other animals like him, with whom he could share the abundance! The enormous variety was so overwhelming to him, and just so readily available, he wondered why he continued to feel upset.
The bat could see that the eagle was struggling to come to terms with his newly found nutrition needs, so he put his leathery wing around the eagle and gave him a few comforting strokes, at which point, the eagle smelt the bat and became overtaken.
He turned to the bat and with not one millimetre of sympathy or apology carved on his face, he devoured the bat in one mouthful.

Feather white, before your hand she lies

Now, the embedding on this was disabled, quite upsetting, this doesn't look as nice as a proper video link. But this song is kicking, and live it is actually incredible.

Three Decades-The Horrors

My weekend

My weekend was pretty fritching marvellous. I spent basically all of it down the coast with my family to see a play that my aunty wrote and directed and her three boys and her husband all had roles in the play. It was so good, their family is so impressive. Liam has to act blind in it and it is so brilliant, he also plays his cello that he is reeeally good at. Alex, who is studying acting, had the main role and did an absolute brilliant job. Nick was on the stage quite a bit and having done a course in screen acting at NIDA, wants to pursue it. Nick and I had a really good chat just sitting on the cricket pitch this afternoon for a while. He is just so fantastic. It was really refreshing to talk to someone who knows what they want to do, regardless of how difficult it will be, regardless of what circumstance it will put you in, because I know how that feels.

Also, the journey down was brilliant. I listened to Revolver and was conducting it out the window. I listened to Strange House and Primary Colours and screamed the words out the window. My mouth was open, and a bug flew straight in. Delicious, I know you are jealous of my bug catching skills, calm down. My family think I am a crackhead...and they are probably right.

I also finished my little story so when I get bored later tonight and can't sleep due to the fact that I slept the whole trip back home, I'll type it up so you can laugh at me.

And now, it is raining. HYES.

Song of the day

Just Like Honey-The Jesus and Mary Chain

I love how Faris from The Horrors explains what these guys do. He says that they are essentially playing girl band songs through a ridiculous amount of feedback, this album Psychocandy is pretty fantastic.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I have to say, that I enjoyed a documentary last night while I was babysitting called Earthflight, it was just so ridiculously interesting! So I have written a little story about one of the mass migrations that I learnt about while watching this series. I am almost finished, I know how it needs to be ended, so it shouldn't be too long! It's really silly. I love writing silly stories. Prepare yourself.

Song of the (real) day

Well, this song. AHAHAHAHA. So I heard it mentioned on a documentary on George Harrison that I was watching, called Living in the Material World, and I haven't actually finished it, Hobbesey has it for the evening. ** Anyway, Joan Taylor-if my memory serves me correctly- was talking about a birthday party that she went to for Brian Epstein and George and John picked her up and they listened to this song on the way to the house where the party was at and they took some acid and things got pretty crazy and apparently very fun and hilarious. So that just reminded me of this song.

Also, it's raining and I'm going on a drive today and this song is kind of appropriate for something like that I suppose.

**Hobbes will be mentioned quite a lot in this blog. She is a little bit fantastic and a total babe, so yes, her presence will be frequent. Embrace it.

Song of the day

So, it's technically Saturday instead of Friday now, so I'm going to just post the song for tomorrow which is actually the song of in this case, this post should actually be titled 'Song of the (yester)day' but that's fine, whatever.

I just enjoy this song.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a ridiculous venture

Spent I don't even know how many hours just trying to make a shirt. I don't even like how it turned out ahahahah, I'll just give it to my sister. There's velvet all over it and I made it look silly with a silly pattern that ran amok in my hands. Gah. Naturally, I didn't even attempt to make the underwear thingies.

Rhys Webb.


I also want to try and upload new song every day. It will be beneficial to everyone. EVERYONE I TELL YOU.

So here it is, no doubt, The Horrors.

Don't go, because you know I will follow

Okay, so thanks to The Horrors, I have had an outpouring of fantastically and stupendously glorious days. Yesterday was brilliant. I woke up wanting to finger wave my hair and look like a 1920's babe, I didn't have the equipment, so I ventured to the shoppies to acquire some. I bought hair curlers, wave clip things and also some hairspray. It was my first day having had no work in quite a long time. So basically I did whatever I felt like. I also made an awesome
velvet bag (you will soon begin to understand my obsession with certain materials, my favourite being velvet) and another bag for all my hair things. I listened to Skying aaaall day. And it was amazing.

Now last night, I went to bed in my sheer black slip and black underwear (no, I will not share photos, sometimes you just feel like doing things like this okay), and I turned on the fairy lights above my bed and put on 'I Only Think of You' by The Horrors, and clearly had such an excellent sleep I didn't wake up until 11:45 this morning. I went to purchase Primary Colours and I wore a black dress that has a hilariously plunging neck line, black sandals and a black hat, a little bit Horrors/Black Belles inspired.

I had so much fun sewing last night I am now going to attempt to make this,

It's Isabel Spurgeon and Mikyla Warr who are both involved with men from the Horrors, and they're pretty fritching wicked.

So yeah, I'm going to try make one of those little sets, they look fun to sleep in, you know? YOU KNOW?!

Now don't get all your judgy socks on, "oooh, she's sewing, she's such a chick, all she wants to know about a band are the people they are dating at the time, rahrahrah", I will destroy you if need be. No joke.

But for now, here are some pics of Primary Colours and my face and clavicles.

What constitutes somebody 'needing' to be destroyed anyway? Hm..dunno. Wha' ever.

Bonjour. Hola. Goddag. Ciao. Hej.

Basically, what I am trying to say is, hello!

Last night I got told by a friend that if I had a blog, she would read it. Now I have had one before, but that was when I was a silly teenager. I am still somewhat a silly teenager, but I promise you, I now go about it in a much more mature way. I get myself into hilarious/ridiculous/cussing stupid situations and I often forget what they are, and because the internet is probably the most tangible place to put things, the safest place to share your life and also the most secret place to record all the treasures, of course I'll start writing a blog!