Friday, February 24, 2012


May and June are going to be such glorious months. Hobbes and I will both turn nineteen within about two and a half weeks of each other and we have just devised a plan...we hope to go to Melbournia for a couple of weeks and just explore everything that is going on down there. Really exciting stuff everyone. The other two times that I have been to Melbourne, well, the second time I went, it was with a group of people who don't really understand me that well, so you know, we did things like...go to Costco to purchase a pizza. ??? Seriously? YOU CAN DO THIS IN SYDNEY. At least go to like, Lygon street and get a pizza with five different cheeses on it. Count it, five. Hehehe. Anyway, this will be a most excellent adventure as Hobbes is amazing. AMAAYZHEN.

Also, on May 25, Wes Anderson releases his new film 'Moonrise Kingdom', which I am actually really excited about. Here, have a trailer for Wes Anderson's newly coming film Moonrise Kingdom. So. Excited.

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