Sunday, February 19, 2012

My weekend

My weekend was pretty fritching marvellous. I spent basically all of it down the coast with my family to see a play that my aunty wrote and directed and her three boys and her husband all had roles in the play. It was so good, their family is so impressive. Liam has to act blind in it and it is so brilliant, he also plays his cello that he is reeeally good at. Alex, who is studying acting, had the main role and did an absolute brilliant job. Nick was on the stage quite a bit and having done a course in screen acting at NIDA, wants to pursue it. Nick and I had a really good chat just sitting on the cricket pitch this afternoon for a while. He is just so fantastic. It was really refreshing to talk to someone who knows what they want to do, regardless of how difficult it will be, regardless of what circumstance it will put you in, because I know how that feels.

Also, the journey down was brilliant. I listened to Revolver and was conducting it out the window. I listened to Strange House and Primary Colours and screamed the words out the window. My mouth was open, and a bug flew straight in. Delicious, I know you are jealous of my bug catching skills, calm down. My family think I am a crackhead...and they are probably right.

I also finished my little story so when I get bored later tonight and can't sleep due to the fact that I slept the whole trip back home, I'll type it up so you can laugh at me.

And now, it is raining. HYES.

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