Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doomed to embarrassment forever methinks...

Okay, so this is the dream that I had last night. Joe Spurgeon and Rhys Webb were both in my house. There was an assortment of people there also, I remember Hobbes and Angie there and definitely my sister Roeroe, but I can't remember who else.
I was on the phone talking to someone about something, a novelty event for being on the phone, who'da thunk it? Anyway, Joe walked past me a couple of times and I smiled at him. Eventually he began to smile back at me. Rhys was leaning on the piano like the mega babe that he is.
Something I distinctly remember was that I was in the strangest position to be talking on the phone in. One leg was up on a chair I think and the arm that wasn't holding the phone was reaching back over my shoulder so as to reveal my excellent armpit arch.
At some point in the night, Sophie put a white moisturising cream just beneath my eyes because I was looking so tired from staying up so late doing her business report with her. After this, I built up the courage to talk to Rhys and to thank him for his brilliant because I'm a motherlicking creep. So we just talked for a bit and then it was Hobbes, Angie and I in the bathroom (not the toilet bathroom, just the bathroom that has a bath, sink and shower) and we were shortly after joined by Roeroe. I looked in the mirror and noticed the moisturising cream completely noticeable under my eyes.
For some reason, I couldn't remember if Roeroe had applied this stuff before or after my conversation with Rhys. She shot me a sympathetic look and told me that I had it on while I spoke with Rhys. I was a little bit devastated, so Hobbes and Angie were consoling me in the bathroom, as I was now assured that every meeting and encounter I had with Rhys Webb would entail an immense amount of embarrassment. That's all I remember.

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