Monday, March 18, 2013


Actually had the most incredible thing happen to me this afternoon. After having listened to m b v a whole bunch of times, this morning after the first two times it had played, I had a super strong feeling that it would come today. Like ridiculous. I was saying to myself all throughout work, when I get home, I bet it will be there. I cooked burger patties with this giant wax pie on my mind. I scrubbed the walls and furnishings of the restaurant so my arms would be tender enough ready to stroke this baby. I cleaned the oven glass crystal clear thinking it was obscuring my vision of this record on the other side. I WAS DELIRIOUS WITH EXCITMENT ALL DAY.

I have also continued to read that book I wrote about LAST night. I was waiting to meet a friend and so I sat outside a cafe with a coffee friend and read this book, all in black and my new $2 sunglasses (ha ha, I know) and it was talking about the way your ears work and how sound is delivered to the brain and how it releases chemicals in your body or something that have you act in a certain way. And then it went on for a little while about how incredible and significant the sense of sound is. And as plans fell through, I walked to the bus stop so immersed in the words I had just took in, returned to m b v, and then realised, that SOUND BUILDS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE WORLD AND YOUR INTERACTION WITH IT. I looked around at everything that was surrounding me at the time, and I cried and oh my lord, it was actually one of the most beautiful moments I have ever had in my life.

I was actually in awe of the world for the first time while I was saturated in a completely material and basically completely concrete environment. I have only ever had that when in a completely natural state. IT. WAS. AMAZING.





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