Saturday, March 16, 2013

Next week is gonna be great..

-My green velvet shirt got pooped on my a bird today while I was walking home--that's got to be something like three times the amount of luck for next week
-I walked home to Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere--BEST ALBUM FOR THE GEARIN UP FOR A GREAT WEEK
-I've got about 27 hours at work, Mon-Fri and I finish at 2 on all of these days--gonna get up to some nice things by myself / with other lovely people hopefully
-I am home alone for a single hour and am watching a Dirty Three documentary / live show that a beautiful pal of mine lent me--gonna get Warren Ellis' brain
-Writing music this week because Warren Ellis and Neil Young brain
-We have 1kg of Cotsco Danish feta (aka the best feta I've ever tasted) in the fridge as well as 1kg of chunky basil pesto also from Costco as well as a heap of super fresh delicious vegetables, which I'm actually super excited about, salad is yum sometimes but not as yum as potatoes or prawns
-Toulouse Lautrec exhibition this weekend with the same lovely pal
-I'm just going to try really hard to be genuinely good to everybody I know, because they all deserve it in the grand scheme of things

All Things Beautiful-Nick Cave and Warren Ellis


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