Friday, March 29, 2013

(Please) lose yourself in me

was feeling a bit poopy for a while. so I listened to some bloody Val and then watched the life aquatic with Steve zissou in bed in a hotel in Melbourne. I had a massive nap this afternoon and would like a chat but hey, you know what. I AM GREAT COMPANY FOR MYSELF also there was just a lovely whirring noise I think it
may have been a tram
it was really lovely

sounded like those things that you spin through air really fast and it's this really pleasant whistle whir like your being flown through space in a wonderful machine. Short ride in a fast machine by John Adams that is a piece of music.

anyway, wes anderson is my hero and makes me super happy and is really good at remindingme of all the beautiful things

like bill murray

and rainbow seahorses

I wish I was that German kid at the end of the film that gets to go on bill Murray's shoulders how swell would that be, my goodness.

anyway friends, I'm going to try and sleep maybe put on some nice musics or summin I don't know. I'm going to try and find something a friend lost in a park a month ago tomorrow so I need all the eyes I can get.


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