Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seclusion and light

I've found myself withering
Into a state of unawareness
And fragility
Where I am my own solitary companion

A globular light floating
On a thread so thick
And twisted
It begins to engulf the entire purpose of it

Let me looks at you closely
Discovering secrets about myself
That you didn't know were real enough to have

Do you think there is any hope in fear
In despair?
If hope is in the fragment of light and fear the wire
The strings
Be sure the bulb is stronger than the strands

Or cut the strings with all your brawn
No one deserves to be hung up and dried
To have their soul and source sucked from them

One would think there's a way to be exultant
And be themselves, control over life
And longing
There is no loneliness in which happiness exists

Something I wrote last year when I was having a time. Just found, interesting. Iiiiiiiinteresting. I WAS A REALLY REALLY HAPPY LITTLE GIRL.

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