Saturday, May 11, 2013


I ended up watching Dead Poet's Society with my parents and little sister.

Such a lovely evening with the fambams actually, I went and got some pizza for us all and cola for myself, and then came back and Sophie and I had a small dance party and we showed mooma and poopa some of our favourite songs, I showed them my favourite Schubert leid and cried in front of them (awesome, I am a tough bitch but put Schubert on and I will weep all 80% of the water inside me out of my eyes ), apparently my grandpa used to sing the one I showed them, it's pretty bliss.

Then we all watched a film, dad and I were the only ones awake by the end of it with Soph asleep on the ground and mum with her head in my lap.

I have a really nice family, I have to remember that when I struggle with rules and whatever. They're actually a real swell bunch.

Goodnight erry body, be good to your mamas tomorrow!


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