Saturday, May 18, 2013


I had such a lovely, lovely birthday I am birthdayed out maaaan

I spent the day with all of the best people and begun it with In Rainbows, Tremolo and Rust Never Sleeps CAN YOU GET A BETTER 5 O CLOCK IN THE MORNING BIRTHDAY PLAYLIST I THINK NOT

Had delicious greek fasoolatha soupy for dinner and a freddo ice cream cake and
I am now the proud owner of a PUFF JACKET and EMBRYONIC and also this really lovely danish watch it's so classy man I look like a class y woman it's creazy.

Yesterday went to the orchestra AS A gift from lovely palface then today we had fish and chips and now I am in bed listening to a Kevin Ayers record with large bottle of cola and chocolate

I'm very tired I'm going to watch a film and go to bed.

By this I mean watch the first 30 minutes and fall asleep hoh yes


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