Sunday, May 19, 2013


i am truly goign to hate myself tomorrow maybe i should shower now and go to the bus stop now and wait for 3 hours there and then go to work and have a really horrible day and come home and sleep for 14 hours and do the 6 o cklock thing again tomorrow nah i should at least sleep a little bit hey wait nah if i go to sleep the chances of me actually waking up are slim probably shouldn't have had all of that cola and two pieces of nutella toast and watching really exciting and blood pumping flaming lips vids probably didn't help at all it would have been great to have crunchy peanut butter woah what it nutella had crunchy bits like real hazelnut pieces ergh YUM i had roasted almond sorbet on friday night it was actually incredible and I had it with chocolate truffle sorbet i mean relally can you get any better really can you no not really but it's a subjective thing so you could get better but i couldn't and even that is a lie because tastbuds go through times too like i really enjoy having passionfruit and lemon sorbet mixed together sometimes your palette just craves a different thingy

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