Friday, May 10, 2013


-My tiny thirteen year old sister is going out on a friday night...and I am not, I am watching documentaries about classical composers bahahah YES

-To celebrate leaving my teens, I am working from 6am until 2pm

-To celebrate leaving my teens, I am also visiting the orthodontist

-Beethoven is a genius

-Connan Mockasin on vinyl is incredible, when you have listened to a digital version of this album for a year and a half the difference is astounding


-I almost made my barista cry today, he was stealing some of my bacon and I went to throw something at the ground and it accidentally slipped and hit his hand really hard and I laughed a lot and he proceeded to swear at me saying that he got hit by a car last year and had to get super surgery and titanium plates and bolts put in his hand and it was still really tender and that was the first hit he has had since then ahahahahahahahahahahah. He was actually almost in tears and was telling everyone how upset he was with me IT WAS HILARIOUS HE IS ALMOST 30 sorry philly

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