Saturday, June 1, 2013


My day!

I woke up very late (though it wasn't like a large collection of hours of sleep as I didn't actually go to sleep until 5am) and put on Embryonic, while I got ready for work and the evenings ensuing adventures of a Murlocs gig and also the Scott Walker installation of Bisch Bosch at the opera house. What made this extra great, is that I found my mid riff black and white stripey turtleneck the other day and got to wear that and also wore my sparkly socks.

I listened to Soft Bulletin on the bus into work, and at the last minute decided I wanted to see if Red Eye Records had it on vinyl at the moment so I could purchase it and weep as I could hold in my hands such a perfect piece of sonic euphoria. Slightly disappointed, they didn't have that in stock, but they did have the Lips' latest masterpiece in stock, which has grown on me like the parasite of all parasites. As I was searching through the other things, I got a tap on the shoulder and a 'good to see you' from one of the head honchos there who's so lovely but I haven't yet learnt his name, but I'd really like to, he's so sweet. The boy who served me was really cool too and I haven't seen him before, we had a nice conversation about the Flaming Lips and Scott Walker which he went and saw last night. There are literally never any girls except Suzy (and she works out the back too so nobody even sees her) who work at the record store, c'mon give me a job guys I know things.

I had a really good shift at work, despite it being ridiculously busy because there were SO many people in the city for the final weekend of Vivid, and also because it was raining everyone was like ah yes, it's cold, I would love a good, strong, hearty burger to satisfy my cold and empty insides. I also finished an hour and a half late--which means I did a seven and a half hour shift NONSTOPONMYFEET with no break. It was great though, I was dancing around serenading my workmates with Aretha Franklin.

Following my shift, I ate my burger out on the street listening to the fireworks that weren't at all visible because it was so overcast and then made my way down to the Opera House. It was so, so busy there were umbrella wars happening and I was too dumb / smart not to bring one at all. The Bisch Bosch installation was great, it went for half an hour, and Scott Walker's voice has the most uniquely beautiful tonal qualities I have ever heard and the sounds that are used in this record are really incredible. So having those manipulated in a way that increases the listener's experience of the record ten fold by being saturated in complete darkness for the majority of the time and having the space and your idea of the space you were in actually created by the sound was a really incredible thing. I went by myself too which was an absolute ball.

After that I walked all the way back to GoodGod club to see if I could catch any of the Murlocs set, which I did, and was so glad. I saw their last two tracks, and Ambrose is the sexiest man I have seen. He looks like a very tall child, the babiest face I have seen but he is so appealing and his harmonica playing is ultimate sexiness. I met up with two girlfriends of mine who had been at the entire show, and then we ended up going to the park in darling harbour and getting our butts really wet by sliding down the higornomantic slippery dip.

I'm going to stop writing I am so tired and am 





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