Thursday, June 20, 2013

papa and war wounds

my father is actually the most adorable man on the entire planet. Today while everyone else was out and doing things at work and school and whatever, he cleaned the entire house (including vacuuming ALL of our bedrooms) and left a lovely scented candle on the newly polished fake marble bench top, WHAT A CHAMP. He is one of the few people I know in my life who restore my faith in humanity and reassure me that we aren't all absolute tools. Not all of us.

hi everyone I'm tired and start work at 6 tomorrow morning I hate myself

my chipped tooth from doing the worm outside a chinese restaurant on concrete pavement...

my knee from running into a wall and hitting the ground HARD at laser tag

my glowing face after I was bitten by the luna bug

luna bug is sending me to sleep it's winter solstice tomorrow night WOOH

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