Friday, June 21, 2013

boris and dead china doll tonight were SICK EH

yeah, they were great. Boris played for like a solid hour and a half it was really incredible and I'm all zoned out to the max. SOOONED OUT. ZOOOONED OUT.

I miss this great chinese girl called Wendy and we had a really fun time and she was head banging and really likes metal and she moved here from shang-hai to study language--she's doing spanish?!?--and she's great. She's going to see this other japanese band on ummmmm what is it mono yes next week and mick turner is supporting them. AWESOME.

For now here some photos of myself, my eye make up is pretty perfect tonight and also there's a pic with my new jellies. They are actually perfect. ACTUALLY.

Just got this message from Hobbes "just played nick allbrook the whitey album and its the first time hes heard it and he was blown away you serviced this think about that for a second" fooken yeah that was all me bitches. THAT WAS ALL ME, arseholes.

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