Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fambams reunion night two

Have made a friend with a little girl who is in fact my cousin's daughter she is the most lovely, lovely thing. Nicky pee and I sung a blues traditional at the family talent night and are basically spending all week together being nutbags. It's so wonderful. And now I'm watching modern family with my family on the couch chillin illin and I'm gonna have some leftover barbecue and I am super psyched to put that stuff in my gob and I am very tired but I can't fall asleep until past midnight because I have to make a phone call to a cutiepie friend who is turning TAHWEEENNTTYY FOOOWAAH! Madness huh?! 
And here are some more of
My jelly sandals, my legs and my face. For your eyes only merherher not really everybody lay eyes on me nah get dem off filthy homosapiens.  

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