Sunday, May 20, 2012

The trout are really torpedos

I have had an interesting week. Unfortunately I have been subjected to the entire notch on the emotional scale, I think I would have much preferred just having one constant emotion all week, it would have been much less exhausting.

Anyway, I have watched Autoluminescent and it is actually one of my favourite films ever. I can't wait to get it back off Hobbes so I can watch it several more times. I think I might maybe watch it with Manka when he comes up to see Sufjan Stevens with me on tuesday night at the opera house which I am really freaking excited about. I do however, have a stupid amount of school work that I need to get done before tuesday I think, so as to prevent a really awful time on tuesday and I'll upset every single person I spend a moment of time with.

I am currently in the middle of watching "Wings of Desire", a german film made in 1987 by Wim Wenders and so far I am just loving it. I am getting a lot out of it and am really grateful for the record store man for recommending it to me, despite the fact I would have inevitably found it on account of my present love for Rowland S. Howard whose band 'Crime and the City Solution' are filmed in the Wings of Desire. I just cannot, cannot, CANNOT wait to get on my break and I will just completely and probably hazardously immerse myself in books and music and film. Bring it.

Going to be so broke as well. My shifts are being cut. Thank you Woolsworthless. Bastards.

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