Thursday, May 24, 2012

She's my narcotic lollipop

If there was any one album I would recommend for you to listen to right now, to stop what you are doing, go out and purchase this record, put it on, and sit down and listen and be attentive and absorbed and consumed and devoured by, it would be Pop Crimes by Rowland S. Howard. He is probably one of my most favourite musicians.
When I bought this from the record store, the man who I have become acquainted with told me that the other guy who works there who I get on really well with actually saw Rowland when he played at the Oxford Art Factory I think it was for the release of this record. So I'm going to have to pick his brain about that, I'm quite looking forward to that actually.
I have listened to this album three times already, and I feel that it is one of the most exquisite things I have ever listened to. It is particularly great, because school is really getting me down at the moment, and I feel like this has lifted me slightly every time I listen to it, just because it is soo good.
Here's the first track to get you started...

(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny- Rowland S. Howard

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