Wednesday, May 2, 2012

These holidays

So my brother has been invited to attend a wedding with a girl he dated at one point in his life...who lives in England. He is actually really keen to go and I am thinking...I might go with him. I can get the money together no problem, but my brother is really flimsy with holding plans like this together. However, even of he doesn't go, I might just go by myself anyway, I can stay with Becky, she wouldn't mind. So flights are like $1300...I could get away with $300 spending money for foods and travelling into the city and maybe Paris for one day if I'm lucky. But these holidays, I'd really like to get out of the country on my own accord. I really do. And hopefully go to Queensland for a little bit to see my cousin, go up with my other cousin or something, I dunno. Plans, plans, now school work.

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