Saturday, May 26, 2012

And if it don't work then, then I was kidding now

Grey/Afro- Alexander  Spence

Seems that every time I talk to you
You have something else to do

If I were to open up with you
Would you call me the same as I call you

Frightful days that we are living in
But it seems if hopes get in your way

We'll take our time and show the life I count out
Open up the chance I have with you right there

Between my lips are words that surface through you
I'm just trying to get a message through you
To you, for you, I will
By you, saw you, know you
I do, you plan to do, if you

His lies, his lies come just to late
Colored white and gold and yellow and red
In the timing of the soul that's right
Then we'll look at how talk about death is spread

Do you know you ask and you shall live
And die then you can turn to sin

And if I had a lovely home with a bunch of girls
With me, they can't help you

Believe me if I do what I did
I will have euphoria

To be sure
I don't give a damn
Live in a place
Do anything

Hey hey, look at who's caught swearing

Hey,hey, oh I dread the damned

You came so softly as not to disturb your sleep
I will come into your dream tonight completely
Not to prevent one would sell to you dear
I would do anything at all for you

Let us start a nice old new organization
To try and be hands heaven from this civilization
Only trust in our destination, you need me
And only then I'd let you hide behind me

Do not let's be right as you have a few
Ask me what to do, and I'll come

Hmm.. Ask me what to do then, so softly
And if I know within' your eyes, can I

And if it don't work then, then I was kidding now
If it don't work then, then I was kidding now

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