Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The beauty of love's in her eyes

Long Gone-Syd Barrett

I have had a very traumatic and emotional couple of days.

I think I'm going to defer uni for a semester, and work and get some money and just spend a lot of time reading and discovering myself properly. I never gave myself any time to do that between uni and school, so now is the time that I'm going to do it. I'm 19 and I haven't read nearly enough. I'm going to discover what my real interests are and find out my strengths and find something to do with them. Either I'll defer, or I will only do a couple of subjects so I can work and self-discover.

Anyway, there has been a lot of Syd Barrett going on, lots of My Bloody Valentine and a stupid amount of crying and stress because uni is such a joyful place to be. I love uni. Yay yay yay. Anyway, it's basically my last day of classes tomorrow. I have a practical exam on monday and then a test to hand in (I know, hardly a test) on friday next week but other than that, I'm free! Marvellous. I am so tired, I want to punch myself in the eye. Manka and his friend are coming back to sleep over from seeing Sufjan, Nico and Bryce (which I saw last night and was absolutely amazed and so inspired by), so I should probably not go to sleep until they get here. I might nap on the floor though. Ah, and they'll probably want food as well, if I know them well enough they wouldn't have eaten yet. Ah crap, there's no petrol in my car either...this should be interesting.

Now it's time to do mini study bits for the test I have tomorrow, which I'll try my hardest not to sleep through like last week's test. Eeep. Death. Big trouble for that one.

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