Saturday, October 5, 2013


Drug Chart-The Flaming Lips


I have had a really nice time in life. Thursday night Joshe and I went to see The Rite of Spring and Mahler's First Symphony (it was so incredible) and it was so incredible. Yeup. He slept over, we had two hours sleep forming this unbelievably elaborate plan to make things easier as we were playing a gig with Mckenzie on friday night. I was going to drive my car to his house in Hornsby and get the 5 o' clock train into work for a 6 o' clock start, do my 8 hour shift, then get a train back to Hornsby, have a nap, then we would drive straight to Marrickville.

We woke up at 3:30 and began loading up my car with the drum kit, then at 4:15 we left to drive to his place. I then got a lift with his parents to the station who were going to the gym at five to 5 in the morning (thanks guys hahah). I got on a train, and promptly went to sleep. About ten minutes later I got a call from my mother who was very angry that I had just taken the car like that without asking because sophie needed the car today to take ellie places or something, anyway she was just very very mad it was cray, so in the end, after all our efforts, MY DAD WENT AND PICKED UP THE CAR?!

So what happened in the end was--Josh met me at work, we got a bus to castle hill, picked up the car from there, drove back to my house, I reloaded the car (my bass drum had been removed) while Joshe had a shower, we got some petrol (such a good time and the best dude at the counter who thought joshy had gone in to get condoms but was too shy so walked out bahahahha), phone ordered a pizza, drove to hornsby, loaded up the guitar and pedal poard, drove into marrickville, played this gig, went to maccas with Annette (thank you for coming so much I love you), then returned to the venue and had a nap in the car. Almost died driving home. Was legitimately concerned about killing us, managed not to, and even managed not to die driving home from Josh's house at two in the morning--ALMOST A 24 HOUR DAY WOT DA.

Anyway, yes, good happy times, got phase 1 of Annette's birthday present yesterday, gonna be siq.

This is what I look like on sunday mornings when I have the worst stomach cramps ever experienced

In two weeks, I am goin to get my hair cut again in order to prevent mullet growth, although actually I might not, I am worried about the people taking off some hair where I didn't want it cut at all, so maybe I will wait for a couple of months...I should have a sort of bob for december though, which is GREAT! 

Google how to grow your hair faster..

Also, that Lips track can't deal it is perfect.

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