Saturday, October 19, 2013

more than this there is nothing

hate everyone tonight, hate myself even more than that because of feelings. now bryan ferry and roxy music is happening. this means the end of all life. I'm tired and I'm lonely and I want to cry but I'm just going to put on a movie and fall asleep. I had a two hour roadside nap at waterfall by myself this afternoon, it was bliss. Butt so lonely sigh.

Also my dream last night was really strange, there were a whole lot of different segments because I kept waking up, but there were a group of people who said they were from 1880 walking around some hills in a country side some place, they were quite far away from where I was and when I approached them they got closer and closer to being psychedelic colourful beings with paisley patterns everywhere. Then there was this stampede of horses and there was this one horse charging straight for this girl in a white dress with long blonde hair and it got up on it's rear legs and kicked her in the face and she went straight into the ground and her body just went like, perfectly horizontal and was like it's own coffin about two feet in the ground because of this horse. The stampede finished and I looked into where the horse trampled her into the ground and she was still alive?

Then I think I woke up. It was truly very weird.

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