Saturday, September 21, 2013


Just got home from my girlfriend from high school's 21st birthday party which was 80's drag prom queen themed and basically I hung out with her boyfriend and his friend, and HIS friend the entire time and we were a 4 piece minority group around a whole bunch of unbelievably flamboyant music theatre students and we had a real good time together. Her boyfriend got very very drunk and actually looked THE 80's prom king--mullet and everything.

All I wanted to do all night was listen to this song :

Never Tear Us Apart-INXS

(and I went and put it on and danced with a balloon)

Now I am home, and this is what I look like:
tacky blue eyeshadow is truly my fave

hi greek profile I like you a lot now never used to




oh heeey gurl

hi! hey! how you doing! hellew!

I feel like I may have already posted this song just after I watched Head for the first time, but this thing is just SO exquisite, so so exquisite. OPEN YOUR EYES. GET UP OFF YOUR CHAIR. THERE"S SO MUCH TO DO IN THE SUNLIGHT. Give up your secrets and let down your hair and sit with me here by the firelight.

So good.

As We Go Along-The Monkees

Caramel-Connan Mockasin

^ OH MY ACTUAL HOLY GOODNESS I AM GOING TO CRY THIS IS DA BEST THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST it's like a Michael Jackson song for some reason with gorgeous underwater guitar and it's so perfectCANNOT WAIT FOR NEW REKKID.

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