Sunday, September 8, 2013

byebye bowly

da naturally occuring bowl

it's going to be the end of an era soon because I am beginning to not be able to see WHICH IS GREAT because I am moving from perfect 60's boy hair to perfect 90's boy hair both of which are actually applicable to girls in terms of length  and styling butt please when did I ever want to be a real girl anyway? Between the two lengths is going to be pretty hilarious I will probably just have to keep it back for a few months and stuff and have heaps of face for a while then cover it with insanely good single length bob. 

my favourite thing about facebook is having a comment conversation with someone and then when they like your comment the conversation is finished that is the signing off and goodbye no matter what the other person thinks it is actually hilarious cos you're sometimes like 'wah would have liked to speak with you a little more but HEY DON'T EVEN WORRY AABOUT IT BRUDDA' it's just my favourite thing.

Yeah we just got a new prime minister and I have been thinking about it a lot with particular regard to my unawareness and slight apathy towards the political environment within Australia and I think that even now, approximately 28 hours post election result, people are already becoming bombarded with media posts and even protests I think have happened, so our entire society especially people like me are kind of being forced to think about WHAT is happening and WHY it is bad I mean I am not completely apathetic or unaware as to what is going on in our country but I suppose there is a little bit of complacency within me. It will make a lot of people wake up and become confronted with the things that are wrong in society and restlessness is maybe what our country needs to step in the world and I'm actually kind of excited to see what we can all accomplish though this may be a difficult term of government, is doesn't mean the world of Australia is over everyone, it'll be cool y'all. We made a nation out of convicts and psycho killers, right? RIGHT?! 

GOODNIGHT I AM GOING TO BED WITH PERFECT BOWL HAIR gonna be terrible in the morning and my cheese dreams will be wild oxoxox

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