Sunday, September 1, 2013


I can't sleep tonight, which is really super dumb, particularly considering I HAVE BEEN LYING IN BED FOR SIX DAMN HOURS NOW AND STILL AM NOT ASLEEP WHAT  A MUDDALICKIN JERK.

Anyway, life update for y'all who care (me) (thanks buddy) (no wurries cuz) I luv lyf it's da bomb n all dat I am going to see my gorgeous cousin Liam's final performance for hsc on wednesday night and I am SO excited. Nick (his older brother and love of my life) and I are going to road trip it up to surf fest whenever date that is and hit da beaches and be super pals and take photos with each other and put them inside our wallets so when we are both missionaries we can think of each other all the time and have a mutual appreciation and affection for the other and then come back home, he'll go travel with our friend Blake, then he'll come back and we can move into a house together in the city and we can both be studying and working and watching films and making stuff all the time and we'll have a juicer and we can drink carrot juice and make really delicious meals because deep down both of us are really good cooks but I suppose haven't released those powers yet but they will make themselves known in time well I shouldn't speak for Nick as well maybe his powers are unleashed unbeknowns to me sometimes I just think we should be roommates forever and ever and we would have the best life and stuff but then I remember we are related and Nick wants to get married and have babies at some point and I would like to live in berlin by myself for a few years and be the best aunty ever to his babies. Annette is probably the  best gal pal she is such a strength in my tiny unimportant life because she makes me feel so important because I am actually important because everyone is actually important and it's so nice to have a friend who makes you realise this every time you hang out and we are going to put in our mission papers on the same day and I am so excited to prepare with you and we will cry all the time and I'm so excited about it. She is the french notebook to my German felt tip. She is the microwave to my jukebox. She is james browns hands to james browns hips. Joshyjoshe is one of my absolute closest friends and we have been living in each others pockets for some time now and we have a ball of a time and eat some really tremendous foods and have done a lot of cool things together and for Christmas we are going to go hang gliding because that was on our original list of things we had to do togevva cos we are SICK or whatever and I am so grateful to have so many beautiful people involved in my life. SOPHIE YOU ARE THE BEES KNEES AND I CRY ALL THE TIME KNOWING I WILL MISS OUT ON SO MANY DANCE PARTIES WITH YOU AND I LOVE YOU. Ellie you're a nutbag and I love you with all of my heart honey pie. Jono I love you gimme my 20 dollars I hope you called your father for dad's day today hahahah but seriously, I love thee. AND MUM AND DAD YOU ARE DA BESTESET I COULD EVA HOPE FOR I AM SO LUCKY YOU BIRTHED ME.

I feel like I can die now I have let all of my feelings let loose.


Need to be awake in less than four hours.

Hate self.


Also, I youtubed 'why aren't I asleep' and this video came up I DON'T EVEN KNOW


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