Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I am by myself in my brother's apartment in the middle of Melbourne city.

I have five films on the bed and three seasons of a tv series.

I also have a bundle of art supplies.

This morning I was feeling like this:

Let Down-Radiohead

Now I am feeling like this:

Prada Spring/Summer 2012

I was on the search today for my calling scent, the eau de toilette that is for meee, and I do like the Prada Candy (possibly mostly Wes Anderson's fault damn you campaigning, damn you) and also the Marc Jacobs Honey Bee is SO DELICIOUS, I think maybe I will get that one first and then maybe the Candy at some other point.

I'm going to watch a film now everybody and study some German.

And eat my lucky charms.

Annette I have a badge for you from the Monet exhibit. It was beautiful I wish I fell into the painting of his Japanese bridge above the waterlillies at his Giverny home.

Outside the gallery I shared some hot chips with myself and eagerly watched a battle between one seagull and about 8 sparrows over said chips and exchanged smiles with a businessman on his smoko. It was pretty beautiful.

And I had the perfect outfit on today too. This wasn't it, but this is another perfect outfit.

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