Monday, August 19, 2013


(the shadow of my hand is on my instit hahah)

-Swapped all my flaming lips rekkids for a list of glory rekkids with joshe (his list included Feels by Animal Collective, Aufheben by BJM and Emperor Tomato Ketchup by Stereolab aka best band ever)

-Just finished a 55 minute bike ride (inside the house)

-I listened to Feels by Animal Collective the entire time (so cussing GGOOOOODD what da balls)

-My post-mission life plan is pretty set and I am so very excited! (come back, work a couple of jobs, travel, move out of home into the city, go to uni and study sound design / film / both, continue collecting music and film junk and BE INVOLVED IN SOME BANDS AND STUFF, begin an aerial silks course and maybe become a race car driver for a hobby.

-This is post is (all about the informative bracket section)

-I have a bunch of things I really gotta get under way (like start my mission papers, finishing Perfecting Sound Forever, Musicophilia, How Music Works, The Alchemist, Into the Wild, watching all of these cussing DVD's that I have at the moment, clean my room (it is a disaster double bracket whaddup), improve my health, listen to all these records, learn some more flute pieces, save a bucket load of money, organise a six hour playlist for an open day, learn a bunch of really great songs on drums to play for a gig next week, redo some of my own tracks for my (currently terrible) record, did I mention clean my room?, also learn how to count properly in German, do my tax return and still manage to have a real good time in life!!)

-(the above list turned out to be a lot bigger than I had initially anticipated, bah) I am toast I tell you, toast. BUT SO EXCITED FOR LIFE. Guys it's gonna be great. GAAHHREAAT. (cussing great).

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