Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What a cussing day.

So last night my cousin Nick came up for the afternoon/night to have some fun times. It turned out to be an expensive trip for him, he was fined...twice. Two hundred each one. Poor little human.
Anyway, we had such a fun and silly time, it was marvellous. I fell asleep on the floor at about 2 in the morning after writhing around the lounge room for a while, occasionally throwing a pillow or trying to smother Nick. And vice versa. Prior to this, we threw our own interpretive dance party out on the heavily gravelled road that is my street. It was quite incredible, let me tell you. We ate a lot of food, I drank a lot of aloc acoc, and we tried to watch a lot of things. Well, I tried, he did succeed, my eyeballs weren't agreeing with my brain.

So yes, this morning, waking up on the floor with a very sore backside, I got changed and decided that I would accidentally on purpose leave my flute at home. So I did, and that was fine. Clearly this sneaky decision had an effect on my day, as everything seemed to go hilariously wrong. The power of the flute. I'm tellin' yah. So I got my brother to take us to the train station, so Nikolai could go home, and I uni, and as we left the house and were halfway up the street, I remembered that I had left my folder on the table with all of the things I needed for the day, including the homework task that was due in an hour and a half, and was not yet started. So we pulled back into the driveway and I ran inside and retrieved the bastard of a folder and left the house once more. Halfway to the station, I realised that I had left my weekly bus ticket and my student concession card in my bedroom, and would now have to pay for transport for the day, which equated to almost $10 (but that has it's own segment). I sighed and knew that I would have to get over it, and I did. We were dropped off at the station, we ran to the top of the ramp and began to purchase our tickets. I rummaged through my bag, only to discover, no wallet! RIDICULOUS. I called my brother really quickly before he got too far and asked him to swing back around. So he did, I ran down the ramp, collected my wallet and then ran back up again. I purchased a ticket, and was in such a hurry, that I forgot to collect my ticket from the little chute that it spits out of. Goodbye three dollars.
I remembered this when we got to Central but I used dear cuzcuz's ticket because he didn't need it anymore, he was going further and further in to the realm of trains and their stations.
So I bought two tickets, one to get to uni and one to get from uni back to central. I lost the second one somehow and had to purchase a third ticket to replace that. I then fell asleep on the bus and missed my stop so I was late for work. Maaaaaarvellous. I am really quite tired. I might have a nap. In the meantime, get groovin'.

Shake a Tail Feather-Five by Five

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