Monday, March 5, 2012

What a day.

What a day.
It's always so good to get with Hobbes again. It's been about a week since I last saw her and today I was going to purchase a drum kit but the bastard sold it this morning without even telling me. Lucky I deleted his address in a fit of rage a week and a half ago, otherwise I would have never messaged him for his address, and he never would have let me know he sold it, and I would have driven all the way to the city and been a very disappointed human being.
So today, we just went through our records and played the ones we felt like. We danced and we ate and drank aloc acoc. It was so marvellous.

So much fun.

Now I am back on the hunt for music, which was obviously why my week last week was so terrible. BECAUSE I LOST SIGHT OF THAT.
But now, I'm back yah cusswits!!


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