Friday, March 23, 2012

Sorry everyone, here is a song. That is amazing.

Bad Little Woman-Exploding White Mice

So, I went to my friend Mckenzie's gig tonight, I got home about ten minutes ago actually, I'm still dressed, shoes on and everything. It was really lovely actually. She is really quite a good songwriter and has an excellent voice (see what I did there?) Anyway, yes, when she has a website or something, I'll link all my keen followers to it. Erm, so I parked my car in the backstreets of the dodgy place where the gig was on, I know it well, but it's still a really scary place. I was a little bit late and I needed to run, but there were a couple of guys in front of me. And men scare me. So I went through the park really quickly but they saw me running and of course had to yell out and whistle and all the rest of it. So I kept running. I told Kenzie's stepmom and her pa once the gig finished and they very sweetly walked me back to my car, for which I was so grateful as there were a group of large men standing around the ute. The ute they would use to carry my daed body in after they killed me. Oi. Too many silly tv shows.
ANYWAY, where I'm getting to is, I kind of always had a feeling Justin (Kenzie's pa) would have excellent taste in music. So we were talking about that on the way to my car, and I was telling him about the doco on punk I watched and he was like yeah I liked all those bands and I also loved this local adelaide band Exploding White Mice. So I looked em up. Lo and behold. Here they are. Thank you for listening.

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