Sunday, April 22, 2012


What an incredible 3 days it has been.

Thursday: went to see Pond which was really incredible. Their support band the Laurels were also so kicking and slightly shoegazey which was great

Friday: went to Velvet Cave, cousin Manka (Nick) came up as well. Had quite a largish posse this time which was a bit hilarious. We're going to be in a lot of photos I think because we were making ridiculous spectacles of ourselves. I hardly think I need to report that we had such a fantastic time

Saturday: RECORD FAIR AND RECORD STORE DAY. Record fair was great. It was so, so great. I got so many good things. I got The Leaves' Hey Joe LP which I am so excited about and also a Rationals 45 which is super groovy. And loads of other stuff. Also, on Saturday night, best gig of my life, so inspiring, never been so giggly at a gig prior to this particularly when there are no men involved in the band the's. Cannot believe how fantastic they were. So so so sos sososososososo good. I am so in love and so smitten by them.

So much dancing.

My legs are falling apart like string cheese.

I now have a stupid amount of uni work to do which I really need to do or I'll fail again so I should probably stop being on here because it's a little bit pointless and I'm the only actual one who reads it, which, you know, I don't really mind so much. BUT I HAVE STUFF TO DO.

So I'm leeeeaving here. LEAVIN' HERE.

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