Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hair cut

Not hugely impressed with the hair cut I just got from the cheap Asian place I trust most, she took all the length I wanted to keep from the top layers of the back and when this grows out I will look like I have a mother's hair do. I already look like I have a mother's hair do. 

Growing this out is frustratingly difficult an distracting my patience. All I want to do is have hair that I can tie up completely it's all I want man.

These two days off have been pretty wonderful. Would love to be unemployed/doing something I like as work.

 I will have about five flute students next year which I am really excited about, though it may be interesting when I get my mission call...

Tonight I am going to have thanksgiving dinner at someone's house in Wollongong with some friends. I'm pretty excited. 

Whaaaaatever man. Don't care 

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