Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Had my first class of German today. Ist wunderbar!!!!

Gonna get Coco (Chanel, that is) on yow ass on saturday and wear trousers and a blouse (YEH) going to go and get them tomorrow.

Was just about to go to bed and then I found three brand new episodes of adventure time (YEEEHHS).

Saw Alex El Alawifey today and we got love pandas she is truly one of my dearest companions and I love her to the ends of the earth panda alexandra.

Got Pleasure Heads Must Burn and Last Tango In Paris today from the darling ol' man. (Never will stop loving him)

Day 3/5 of 6-2pm shift tomorrow, and it's gonna be big as I will remain in the city to watch a film that starts at 7:15 wooh

(kill me)

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