Thursday, November 22, 2012

When you're smoke

There's nothing you can do
To help make up my mind
To help me see the time
I won't walk down that line

The line that's straight to you
When you say walk, I run
Though I'm reduced to being dumb
It's so good of me to come

You infiltrate every bit of me
You're in every voice that spoke
It crushes my bones, broke
Up you go little smoke

Up and up, till I cannot see
I'll breathe you in the air
It's not nearly fair
To feel this naked and bare

As if I'm walking like a bird
Who has only stalks for feet
Always flying to retreat
I'm looked at with conceit

I hope that you will see straight through
The reason why I kiss
So I know if you exist
If you don't I'll still persist

Just a little something I wrote today coming home from work...

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