Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue Mountains adventures with the A team

Alison, Alex and I ventured up to the Blue Mountains today, initially to go nature exploring, but we really just went through book shops and record stores and tried on some amazing 60's and 70's vintage clothing, some of which we purchased because we are really cool.

Here is my new shirt, and also two books of poetry that I acquired, Sir Walter Ralegh and Patti Smith. 

Last night I watched Alphaville the Jean-Luc Godard film, and good grief it is actually so, so, SO beautiful and incredible and really great dystopian concepts and as always beautiful composition and moving scenes. There's this one part where Anna Karina and the man who plays Jimmy Caution are just doing things together and over the top she is reading this incredible French surrealist poetry, and I actually died because it was so good and am going to get me a copy of it. It's Paul Eluard. This is one of the poems in it.

"Mourir de ne pas mourir" (“Dying Of Not Dying”) by Paul √Čluard
Because I love you, everything moves
We must advance to live
Aim straight ahead toward those you love
I went toward you, endlessly toward the light
If you smile, it enfolds me all the better

It is so perfect and now I am on a Godard/french new wave spree WAHOO.

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