Monday, March 17, 2014

look after yourself

I have just confronted (albeit by social media--privately, obviously) two boys who have taken chunks of my life and time and energy and huge emotional investment from different portions of my life that have kind of ended in this one, and neither of them have actually replied, and it has been an hour and a half.

I'm pretty disappointed, and also not a whole lot surprised...

Which is unfortunate. But whatever.

The important thing here is folks, is that YOU are so important, and it's so necessary not to let people walk all over you, no matter how much you may feel for them, or how much you enjoy giving for some sick reason (jks, giving is so important, but to people who don't appreciate it?...stuff dat!). I feel so powerful and in the immortal words of Beyonce, I'm not bossy, I'M DA BOSS.

And also get your fathers onto photobooth, it's the funniest thing ever.


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