Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blindness in people

People are so blind and fucking stupid to think that people can just be replaced by other people. How low does that make you, to think that it is okay to say that. How terrible must you feel about everything you had with someone to just think that they can stick another body in front of them and assume it is exactly the same? How would that make the other person feel, when they care so much for you? And why do I continue to care for you and worry about you and respect you when you have done nothing but talk about me behind my back? I have had to stop acting on what feels really good because I care about you and think a lot of you. I am not going to deal with this anymore. I am sick of giving so much and exhausting myself trying to be on good terms with you, getting nothing in return would be fine, so so fine, but you are just giving me bitterness and angst and I don't need that from you when I get enough of it from myself. I am getting hurt. I am having a really good year despite all of this. I don't need it, and I don't need everybody to like me. I can extinguish things in my life that are poisoning me, and the silly mentality of wanting everybody to like me isn't going to stop me from doing that anymore (I have had this all my life, basically). You have hurt another person who really cared about you. If you're ready to stop being so bitter about this, I'm always here ready to be your friend, but I don't have to deal with people like you when you are doing nothing but hurting me, him AND especially yourself. You seem to be unaware that you are causing more damage to yourself than anyone is to you?

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