Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wednesday the TWENTININPHE.

Two and a half hours of flute playing later, I am dead, and am therefore rewarding myself with a very well earned soul party while I read things about Nick Cave and look at his beautiful demon face that I just cannot even solidly express my love for.

It was my last pay day today, and yes, it's nearly all gone already. I bought tickets to see the Laurels on Saturday (YES) and I also bought a super cute shirt, a beautiful lacy cami that yes I will wear as outerwear, and also this amazing metallic shift dress which I will wear to The Laurels on saturday.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a clip! WATCH IT DAMMIT.

from Down By Law

This baby's on her way to me now delicious 45, I would eat you up you know.

Can't Let You Go-Sugar Pie Desanto

And this one will be here soon as well, MEGA EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. I will wail my tits off to this on another delicious 45.

I Put A Spell On You-Screamin' Jay Hawkins

I should probably leave some money on the side for important things....like moving into the city. But records man. Make me cry.


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