Thursday, December 5, 2013


continuous hate of the human race want to exterminate them all

wish I was a dalek 

lucky I have death slice 

dammit just finished it all

So many changes, some that need to happen but are a little painful, some that are happening and feel incredibly refreshing and freeing. I haven't listened to anything except the Flaming Lips for three days, it's been really good. Haven't seen or spoken to Nick in five days and it is just making me really excited to go on my mission. Unfortunately have forgotten my password to continue doing my papers hahah such a fool. A fool forever. Whatever. 

I think tomorrow I will go and see the sun rise...ON THE BACK OF MY EYELIDS. No but really, maybe I will go to an ocean place and go and heal my poor little soul a little bit with one of nature's most taken for granted phenomenons. Don't even know what is wrong with it, but I'm not feeling too great, I'm trying real hard, but it's just not coming round. This song is really beautiful "but that's just me being optimistic I know, I know" oh Wayne you neo-psychedelic angel and Steven you are the lord of them all I love you. 

Alright, I'm riding my bike to the flute lessons so I like myself more (hahahah pathetic) gotta get going guys catch you later and stuff

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