Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farewell to my record player for two weeks

Cut Dead-The Jesus and Mary Chain

What can I do
It's gotten me beaten black and blue
Why don't you know
You got me moving much too slow
Why can't you see
You got me chasing honey bees
You made me fall
Broke me up and took it all
Call me your messed up boy

Just what I've found
You knock my body to the ground
Just what I've said
You're tearing up my weary head
Do I still shine
After such a lonely time
You cut me dead
You nail me down and kick my head
Cut dead your messed up boy

Goodness me I cussing love the Jesus and Mary Chain love my brains forever. Looove meeeee.

My record player is off to Hobbes' house for two weeks again, such is the thing that has been happening for a year and a bit. It's getting harder and harder to let go, she said to me "you always have the internet, that's okay to use when you've bought the record". DUDE THE WHOLE POINT OF GETTING A RECORD IS TO LISTEN TO THE DAMN THING. THE THING. Gerugh, I'm an angry person and I'm going to get angry because like, it's kind of my baby. It's the only thing I love in this whole world and will love forever. 

Have made a decision to go back to university next semester and kick butt in my courses, so that I can study abroad in one of my final years and live in Berlin for a year. Is my plan. YES. Cannot wait to be out of this place and absorbing and learning and living and do it by myself and for myself. 


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